As a family genealogist and headstone photographer since 1982, I have visited many cemeteries throughout Texas. There were times when visiting a large cemetery I had to go to the office and request a grave location. Sometimes the staff were very helpful and sometimes they were not. Having a review of what to expect from the office staff prior to my visiting with them would have been a big help to me.

Volunteer cemetery photographers are usually local people fulfilling a request from family members or friends who live outside the driving distance. There are many reasons why someone would want a copy of a headstone. Perhaps it is for genealogical purposes, used as documentation of birth & death dates for admission into a society, or maybe just to make sure a headstone was actually set for the deceased.

The volunteers are providing a free service, unless they have made other arrangements with the requester, and should not have to be subjected to funeral home staff who view them as an intrusion.

How many people would buy plots in a cemetery if they knew their friends and family would be treated so unkind and with such disrespect after their passing? The customer service offered by the Funeral home should not end with the casket going in the ground. In fact, the customer service should continue for as long as there is one person coming to inquire about you because immortality can really only be achieved in the hearts and memories of others and as long as someone is asking about you, you are still “here”.

My experiences, both the good and the not so good, led me to start a cemetery and funeral home review site off of my genealogy website. Please join with me by offering your experiences with funeral home staff in your state.

Please see the main website, read some of the reviews and consider your own submissions.

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